When it comes about experience you can always learn from other people’s knowledge. But what happens when someone like you shares their experience with you? I strongly believe that when you see someone who’s from the same country as you living their “London dream” in an extraordinary way, you won’t be confused anymore and you’ll start thinking seriously about what would be best for you.

Bianca Rosu is a Romanian second year Public Relations and Advertising student at University of Westminster.


  1. What are you studying and what is the best thing about your course?

“I am studying Public Relations and Advertising. The best thing about my course would be the creative aspect. Thinking out of the box while I have my abilities challenged every time, represents a great way to enhance my knowledge and expand my horizons.”

  1. Can you please tell me why did you choose to come and study in London? Why London and why not other places in UK?

London is a combination of pure energy, diversity, beauty, mystery. Maybe I am much of a dreamer, but I pictured my life at a certain level. Why London? ‘I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

  1. What advantages do you get from studying in London? Does this place give you a favorable environment for developing your future career? If yes, can you briefly describe them?

“The possibilities regarding the PR industry are endless, having direct contact and learning from the best professionals may represent the biggest advantage that we have here. Also, I like the fact that we have the chance to work with other media related courses. I mean, what more can you ask when your teachers are former BBC journalists or have successful Advertising firms?”


  1. Have you met any important figure fromyour industry? If so, in what circumstances? (guest-speakers, on the street, etc.)

“I’m lucky enough to have the chance to meet important figures, as we have at least 2-3 speakers a week during our courses.”

  1. As a Romanian student, how do you find London? Would you suggest other Romanian prospective students to choose this city?

“Well, I have to be honest and say that it’s not that easy and fancy as it seems. Being here requires: ambition, dedication, late nights at the library, too much coffee and bad sandwiches. You need to get used with having your heart broken every time you walk down on Oxford Circus and also with the “singing in the rain” as you always forget your umbrella. But life is an adventure, isn’t it? So, if you’re ready to risk and dream big, come here and write your own story. We are Romanians so we can!”



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